The fourth Graduation Ceremony held at Royal Palace hotel in Mogadishu

On November 30, the fourth Graduation Ceremony of Salaam University was held at Royal Palace Hotel in Mogadishu.

The Ceremony was held for 540 students graduating from the university, of which 479 were bachelor degree, and 88 diplomas.

The ceremony was attended by graduates, parents, vice minister of higher education & culture, parliamentary members, and members form Turkey Embassy in Mogadishu.

The ceremony was opened by member of university Board, who welcomed the participants and guests , and stated that the university made tangible achievements in assuring quality education.

Then, the deputy rector for academics, Mr Bashir Awdini made clear this fourth convocation and it is great milestone for SU.


After speeches of the guests, the Rector , Dr Shafie Abdiaziz Haji  spoke to the participants .

“Today Is a big milestone in the history of SU ,not only for our graduands ,but also the parents, staff & management  who have worked hard to make it success. We present 540  graduands in different disciplines and levels. it shows that Salaam university reached its maturity level and it is moving towards its right direction”.

On behalf of The SU management and staff, I congratulate every student graduating today and   I appeal you to represent SU out in the field and create better future for your communities, country, and the world at large.

After the speech of the rector, awards were given to the first students, and the ceremony ended with peace and happiness.


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