1. To provide high quality professional-oriented educational programs of academic different levels to our students.
  2. Equip the young generation with the necessary skills so they can gain employment in the emerging markets and the country as whole.
  3. Equip the young generation with necessary skills so they can innovate and contribute to the development of themselves and their country.
  4. To provide our programs in formats that are suited to different situations of students and or organizations.
  5. Maintain a high level of both national and international academic standards and motivate its students and lectures to the achievement of academic excellence by establishing modern resource centers, organizing information exchange networks, conducting research and publications in its areas of curriculum specialization and organizing workshops and symposiums to enhance the individual’s choice of professional education.
  6. Respond quickly, innovatively and soundly to the new educational and professional manpower to meet the phenomenal needs of the Somali society by providing consultancy services to the private and public enterprises.
  7. To ensure every Somali student who wants access to higher education has a chance to be admitted to our institution.


  1. Transparency and integrity.
  2. Accountability and credibility.
  3. Self-reliance and independence.
  4. Respect and values people (all mankind)
  5. Participation and cooperation.
  6. Justice & faithfulness to all.
  7. Hard working & equality of all.
  8. Rights & dignity of