Knowledgeable Competition by Secondary Graduates

As per annual, Ramadan Knowledgeable competitions are yearly conducted across the country secondary schools, Salaam University has committed this year to organize and financially support the young graduates from secondary schools to compete each other in Ramadan holly month.  SU and local Radio called “Radio Kulmiye” have come together to facilitate such crucial competition among secondary graduates of 2017/2018 intake.  However, 36 schools have competed in this Ramadan holly month. It was very interested and well engaged competitions in which teenagers have shown in every single day of Ramadan 28 days.  Hence, two secondary schools named by Al-Nashad and Sheikh Da’ud have reached the final stage of the competition cycle. In contrast, Sheikh Da’ud School has eventually won to be the bearer of this year competition facilitated by Salaam University with Radio Kulmiye’s collaboration

SU top management members have attended the closing session of the competition to encourage and appreciate the commitment and excellent knowledge that youth have displayed.



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